What are Mementos?

Mementos are unique and tasteful objects of remembrance of a lost loved one, giving them a place in your home that is at once beautiful and discreet.

me•men•to (me men´to), n., pl.-tos, toes. 1. something that serves as a reminder of what is past or gone. 2. anything serving as a reminder.   [< L memento, impv. of meminisse to remember]

Some unusual ideas have been translated into glass: one gentleman wanted a glass anchor to represent his cousin's life at sea. Another client had been keeping his father's ashes in the cognac bottle from which they were toasting life when his father died of a sudden heart attack. His request was for a cognac snifter to go with the bottle.

Visit our Mementos photo gallery to see some examples.

What People Are Saying About Mementos


Everyday describes how often I think of my dad as do a number of my immediate family members thanks to the great Touchstones you made for us.

I am a Harley-Davidson dealer and of course ride a lot. Whenever I am enjoying a new place or new experience on my bike I will often take Dad out and let him enjoy the wind and the view. Just last month my two sons, my nephew and I rode from Denver to Virginia and on a bright and sunny day in Arkansas I was moved to take Dad out of my pocket and let him see us all riding and having a great time together as he always wanted family nearby and loved having us all together.

We have a couple of bud vases and a beautiful sphere as well but day to day the touchstones keep us connected with Dad and one another.

Thank you for your great creation!


Dear Mark,
From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank you for the Mementos keepsakes of our son Steven. The touchstone heart held in my hands calms me. Thank you for your gift.

Our love,
Lynn, Ted and Eric


As a family, we can't thank you enough for this most beautiful way to keep our mother's presence in our lives. Each is a beautiful work of art.

Bless you!


Dear Mark,

I am so pleased with the Mementos you created I would like two more. Thank you... I am thrilled...they are beautiful!...many blessings.

Liz L


Dear Mark,

Last night, with the children quietly tucked in bed and the evening all to myself, I opened the box of Mementos and, one by one, unwrapped each of your amazing keepsakes.

It was so moving for me for two reasons. First, because I felt like I was holding my mother in my hands and second, because of the sheer beauty of each piece. Though I had nine touchstones and three paperweights, each one was unique in its own way. I couldn't bear to wrap them up again! Next month, when my family is here visiting and we have our tribute to our mother, I will pass out all the mementos. What a gift!

In a way, I will feel that, through you, I've been able to give a little bit of our mother back to my brother and sister and all the grandchildren. I feel so lucky that my friend passed along your website because I would never have thought that such a wonderful idea existed. Yet, for those of us who are missing people we love, it is such a comfort to have them with us in such a beautiful, spiritual way.

I can't thank you enough for your help throughout the entire process . . . from your guidance when I was placing my order to your updates as packages arrived and were sent -- your manner was genuine, caring and full of warmth, and your art, the mementos, embody the exact same feelings. Thank you so much, Mark.

I hope this finds you happy and well and knowing how your ideas and your art have touched so many of us and brought comfort as we navigate the world without our loved ones. I will write again to let you know how they were received by the family!

Until then, all the very best,


Dear Mark,

The memento has been a constant reminder of my father's life, and I actually keep it in my fish tank as he was an avid fisherman. My father's orb offers me solace, along with the relaxing effect of fish swimming by it. Recently, my mother passed away and I wanted you to know I intend on ordering a memento made with her ashes as well. I know having mementos of my father and mother will be gentle reminders of the precious time I had with them for years to come. Thank you for providing such a unique and timeless gift for me.



Dear Mark,

The touchstones are absolutely wonderful! All of us really were touched. It was so kind of you to send us an extra stone. We put it with John's medals and some other memories of him. Since we put his ashes in the Gulf of Mexico our kids have nowhere to go to "visit" their Dad. This gives them something to hold on to when things seem good or bad and they want their Dad to be a part of it.

Several of our friends were quite impressed with the way we handled John's memorial mass. I don't think many of them had ever considered cremation as an option. Since we are very active Catholics it was somewhat unheard of in our little tiny town, but because our priest is very supportive and open minded we have had the support and encouragement of the church all along. What a wonderful way to remember such a tremendous man.

The stones themselves are such a reflection of life and light. They also reflect God's promise. Read the book "The Next Place I Will Go." It is kind of a children's book, but you will see your pattern reflected throughout the book. It stunned me immediately, and touched me deeply.

Thank you for your work, and again, thank you for being so kind and generous with all of us. We will not forget it and will carry the stones with us forever. God bless and keep you and yours. Thank you so very much.

Cindy C


Dear Mark,

I just received the awesome spheres you made me today. The angel sphere looks great! The other one looks just as beautiful. I'll put one in the living room and one in the bedroom so I can always be with her. I appreciate all your hard work and effort to make a forever memento of my daughter. If you saw any rainbows while making the spheres or if you see any in the next couple of days, just know it is Shelby showing her gratitude.

Thanks again, Mark. I'll be sure to let other people know about your work.

Kristy J


Dear Mark,

I received the touchstone that you made for me in memory of My Mother. I have showed it to several people and they have marveled that it really is unique and it is a real tribute to the life that my mother lived. I had no idea as to how it would look and the way it turned out with the spiral design to it represents how she went she went to heaven. Again I want to thank you for the wonderful work that you do, the touchstone has brought me close to my mother and I am never without her. Everyone I show it to wants to do the same thing. Keep up the good work.

God Bless You,

Rebecca J



I really enjoy the way that you have developed a way to celebrate life even in death. I have been looking at several urns and while some of them are very nice they seem somewhat morbid and bleak...

Sabrina H


Dear Mark,

Just wanted to let you know the spheres arrived. They are really beautiful! Thanks so much for this beautiful work--I'm sure the family and close family friends will really love them.

Thanks again,




The glass balls you made are wonderful. And it was very sweet of you to even include an extra one for me! I'm very grateful! I have mine on my windowsill where the light strikes it, and the swirls and bubbles splay the light out reminding me of my Dad's radiance. I've attached a picture of my Dad taken about 10 years ago, just so you know what he looked like.

Thanks again for creating such marvels for me. My sister will also treasure hers.

Michael O


Dear Mr. Hallert,

Thank you so much for your service and assistance. I received the sphere today. It is so beautiful. It arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the sphere and the service your company provided.


Jan T


Dear Mark,
I received the orb in today's mail in excellent condition. How wonderful that your glass blower was able to create a swirl that appeared to me to be much like the tail of a big steelhead trout in the dimension and spacing of the lines. What a beautiful tribute to my father and his passion.
Thank you so much.
Portland, OR

From pet lovers:


I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the sphere you created with and for Georgiegirl's ashes. It is absolutely beautiful and perfect, proving once again that she is beautiful in any form, and also that your care in making the sphere, incorporating exactly the colors we had asked for, was incredible. The sphere rests beside a photograph of Our Girl, and reminds us of the great joy she had in life and we had in her. Thank you so much. Your work is wonderful.

Carol S. Armen



I received Sable's memento in todays mail. I cannot tell you how much it means it me. It is the most beautiful work of art I have ever seen. Not just because it has my baby's ashes in it but it is truely beautiful. I have already had several people want to know more about you and what you do. I am telling everyone who wants to know. Since my classmates are all future veterinarians it is a great way for them, in the future, to help a client over the loss of their loved one.

Thank you for all that you do.

Ingrid T